In this era of digital transformation and continual change, building secure, high-quality software is more challenging than ever.If you want to instill, measure, manage, and evolve software security activities in a consistent, coordinated fashion, you need a software security initiative (SSI).

You must also ensure your SSI keeps pace with your dynamic development environment: development approaches, DevOps culture, deployment environments, regulatory requirements, supply chain, software release cycles, and so much more.To do that, you need visibility into the current state of your SSI, as well as the data to create an improvement strategy and prioritize SSI change.

Build a Rock-Solid Software Security Initiative in 5 Steps

  1. Build
  2. Measure
  3. Verify
  4. Improve
  5. Manage

测量哟ur evolving SSI and establish a plan to mature it in a disciplined manner.

Every organization is on its own unique software security journey.Evolving business and technology drivers, executive expectations, security goals, and operational aspirations, as well as current organizational strengths and weaknesses, will motivate different paths from your current state to your journey’s next waypoint.

BSIMM and MAP help accelerate the evolution of your SSI

  • Assess your level of SSI maturity.
  • Gain access to budget and resources.
  • Define a strategy and plan for your security initiatives.
  • Establish mechanisms to measure progress.
  • Communicate your software security posture to customers, partners, and regulators.
读y to get started?Talk to a BSIMM and MAP expert today to begin measuring and maturing your software security initiative.

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