Example of Simpleware 3D image software through processing of an engine

3D Image Segmentation, Processing and Meshing Software

Simpleware software enables you to comprehensively process 3D image data (MRI, CT, micro-CT, FIB-SEM...) and export models suitable for CAD, CAE and 3D printing.Use Simpleware 3D image software to visualize, analyze, and quantify your data, and to export models for design and simulation workflows.

Why use Simpleware software?

Our industry-leading3D image processingplatform allows you to create products and workflows from 3D image data and integrate seamlessly with design and simulation tools.Inspect and validate as-built parts and compare to designs.设计 and optimize products that fit with the human body.Understand or improve performance of internal structures.

  • 易于学习和使用:直观的界面,快速和方便地访问所有的工具和功能。
  • 快速准确的:即使是最复杂的3D图像数据的综合分析。
  • 功能强大且可靠的:产生的设计和高品质的仿真模型做好准备。
  • 可定制:自动化重复的任务和操作的脚本和插件。
  • 时间缩短到市场:通过3D成像纳入工程设计工作流程,加快产品开发。
  • 全面支持:所有许可证都与我们的应用工程师组成的专家团队全力支持。
Segmentation of a hip using Simpleware 3D image processing software

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Segmentation of an engine block using Simpleware 3D image software

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All 3D image processing tasks begin with core software Simpleware ScanIP for 3D image import and segmentation.

Simpleware ScanIP provides an extensive selection of image visualization, measurement and processing tools for working with 3D image data.

Seamlessly combine Simpleware ScanIP with a choice of add-on modules to expand your workflow.

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Learn about the key features of Simpleware 3D image software.All modules are fully integrated into the Simpleware ScanIP platform.The intuitive interface provides quick-and-easy access to all our powerful tools.

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Simpleware software is used by researches and engineers in many fields.Find out more how to use Simpleware software for your own workflows.