原子尺度模型 for Semiconductor & Materials Research

The exponential growth in computer power in combination with new advancement in algorithms has in recent years enabled the practical application of atomic-scale modeling to the R&D of new materials and product design across a broad range of high tech industries.

A key benefit of atomistic modeling is the detailed insight into the atomic-scale processes, which complement experimental data and make the R&D process more efficient through higher quality end results and cost-effective and faster downselection of material options.QuantumATK公司 is a complete atomistic simulation toolkit developed and supported by world leading atomic-scale modeling experts.QuantumATK公司 addresses key applications in the semiconductor industry and is a core component of the Synopsys Design-Technology Co-Optimization(DTCO) solution.Atomic-scale modeling tools in QuantumATK rangefrom classical force fieldsfor handling large and to some extent more realistic materials systemsto ab initio toolsthat provide highly accurate results for smaller systems.

Benefits of the QuantumATK Simulation Platform

  • Define materials at the atomistic level and calculate their physical and chemical properties
  • Screen new materials with best properties for new products or systems
  • Replace or guide experiments to select and optimize materials in a product system

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