Take Design, Storage, and Security to New Heights

云 services providers need lightning-fast, energy-efficient silicon chips to power their data centers.And as more enterprises migrate mission-critical applications to the cloud, data privacy and software security are growing concerns.Synopsys technology gives you the productivity, scalability, security, and flexibility to design and verify chips in the cloud and migrate your software applications to the cloud.

设计 Your Chips.Anywhere.
lift and shift your EDA compute resources to the cloud

Are you looking to move your chip design compute resources to the cloud?Synopsys Cloud Solution offers flexible ways to bring your design, verification, and emulation tasks to the cloud.Choose from one of our public cloud partners (Alibaba, Amazon, Azure, Google), our private Synopsys hosted cloud, or create some customized hybrid combination.

Whether you choose to work with our partners directly or use Synopsys as your proxy, our Cloud specialists will guide you through the myriad of choices (servers, CPUs, operating systems, memory configurations and LSF storage) to optimize the performance of your design environment.

Speed Software Bring-up and System Validation
with flexible, turnkey, secure emulation in the cloud

Tackle system-level verification tasks earlier and faster with ZeBu Cloud, our hosted emulation solution that accelerates software bring-up, performance validation, power analysis, and system validation of IP and SoCs.ZeBu Cloud offers the industry’s highest emulation performance and most comprehensive portfolio of virtual solutions.

With ZeBu Cloud, you have total flexibility and security.You don’t have to build or operate your own emulation data center;you can run your ZeBu system in the cloud and add capacity as you need it;and your design teams can collaborate with their customers—pre-silicon—in a secure environment with the highest grade of data encryption.

Optimize Data Processing, Networking, and Storage
with DesignWare IP for cloud computing

设计ers building SoCs for cloud computing applications need a combination of raw processing power and energy efficiency to maximize total system throughput.Synopsys DesignWare IP accelerates the development of SoCs for AI accelerators, communications network processors, networking, and storage applications.

Our interface IP, processor IP, and foundation IP support new silicon-proven solutions that are optimized for high performance, low latency, and low power, while supporting advanced FinFET processes.Our security IP solutions enable the highest level of security encryption.

Migrate to the Cloud Securely
with strategic planning, risk analysis, and software security testing

From threat modeling services toapplication security testing tools, Synopsys helps you migrate to the cloud with confidence.Whether you’re using a cloud-based development pipeline, building cloud-native apps, or migrating legacy apps to the cloud, you can maximize agility and control costs without sacrificing security.

We help you find and fix code issues with static application security testing(SAST);automate testing for web-based apps with interactive application security testing(IAST);and manage open source code withsoftware composition analysis(SCA).

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